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このサイトを見ていただき、ありがとうございます。KOBORI KANAE のblog "will come true..."のコンセプトはここに。
welcome to this pages. the concept of KOBORI KANAE's blog "will come true...". is here.

この人生をわたしらしく生きていきたいから。 ふとした瞬間に生まれた感情や、感動を素直に表現しちゃおう!
というフォト&エッセースペースがこの"will come true..."(emotionalist vol.2)のページです。


あなたにも 届くといいな。

ちなみに、タイトルのwill come trueは、想いや願いよ"叶え"、の意味をこめたのと、KOBORI "KANAE”から付けました。

Because I'd always like to take the way I am,
I just want to express wonderful emotions born at the special moment, with my own photograph, and words.
this is my page "will come true..."(emotionalist vol.2).

I've traveled to NYC, Turkey, Italy, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore,Malaysia, Hawaii, California, U.K. ...and lovely Japan.
These PHOTOGRAPHs have taken at each place with various colors and emotions.
I added a spice with full of heart WORDS to it.

I hope you can get my message and feel something lovely.
Thank you.

by the way, this title "will come true" is from my name, "Kanae" which means "Hope to come true" in Japanese. I expect to remain for your memory, but do you feel so?

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